Repairing is reusing or replacing an item with an item that is similar in size and structure. Replacing a broken window with the same size window is a repair.


Renovating is restoring a structure to a like-new state. Rentals often require renovations like new paint, water damage repairs, replacing parts of flooring, etc.


Remodeling is changing a structure to a completely different style. Outdated kitchens and bathrooms often require a complete remodel such as changing stain colors or replacing cabinets, tearing out an old tile floor to replace with a new one, and replacing old bath tubs and lights with modern amenities and styles.


An Addition is typically a “new construction” job the requires everything from pouring the concrete slab to shingling the roof. Adding a mother-in-law suite to an existing structure or converting an open patio into an air-conditioned space may be considered an addition.