How much does an estimate cost?

Our estimates are always free! The more information you can provide us with in your online estimate form, the more accurate and timely our estimate will be for your home project.

How do I calculate square-footage or linear-footage?

Knowing the square or linear footage of your project will help gauge the scope of your needs and is key to providing you with an accurate estimate. For projects like laying a new wood or tile floor, measure square-footage by multiplying the length x width of your project area. For projects like running new baseboard or crown molding, measure the linear footage by adding the length (in feet) of all sides of the project area.

Is my project a Repair, Remodel, Renovation, or Addition?


Repairing is reusing or replacing an item with an item that is similar in size and structure. Replacing a broken window with the same size window is a repair.


Renovating is restoring a structure to a like-new state. Rentals often require renovations like new paint, water damage repairs, replacing parts of flooring, etc.


Remodeling is changing a structure to a completely different style. Outdated kitchens and bathrooms often require a complete remodel such as changing stain colors or replacing cabinets, tearing out an old tile floor to replace with a new one, and replacing old bath tubs and lights with modern amenities and styles.


An Addition is typically a "new construction" job the requires everything from pouring the concrete slab to shingling the roof. Adding a mother-in-law suite to an existing structure or converting an open patio into an air-conditioned space may be considered an addition.

What kind of pricing do you offer?

At Eden's Home Repair & Remodeling, we give you our word that you will always receive "quality service at a fair price." Our estimates are often the lowest bid you will receive from any home professional. Be cautious and skeptical when you receive a lower bid lower than our business provides: timelines, quality and budget expectations are sacrificed by "cheap" labor looking to make a quick dollar. Feel free to ask about any cost you may feel uncomfortable with in your estimate.

How much experience do you have?

Our hand-picked team includes numerous career-long home building professionals. Each of our team members, from the newest to the most seasoned, are qualified professionals with uncompromising quality. Our team includes craftsmen who specialize in all aspects of the home building process.